Magnificent Mo


When it comes to photographing weddings, Mo is my sidekick. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do a wedding without her.  What does Mo do? You should really be asking  what DOESN’T Mo do because that list would be much shorter. But I will give you some insight into what my wedding companion does.

First of all, Mo helps me to “find” the shots. She is another set of eyes. She knows what I am looking for and Mo also has a special way of noticing the small things. When I get to a wedding, I start shooting. Most of the time I have my camera in front of me getting shots and adjusting my settings. Mo checks out the scene for me.  She checks out the ceremony area, the reception area, the bridal area, and more. She keeps a mental note…”Shannon needs to get a photo of the grandma’s handkerchief” or “Shannon needs to see this banner”. This allows me to keep shooting photos. You could call her my scout.

Mo also keeps track of all my equipment. I arrive at weddings with multiple lenses and flashes and attachments and batteries and memory cards. Mo keeps it all safe. She hauls around my big ole’ camera bag with a big ole’ smile on her face. When I need a lens, she is there and ready with it. She knows when I need a certain piece of equipment without me having to ask. Mo and I “click”. We have our wedding groove. You could call her my “equipment manager”.

Mo is the person that I direct the wedding party to consult when they need something. I tell them to just tell Mo and it will get done. If a mother wants a photo with a special childhood friend, she seeks out Mo then Mo finds me. Snap, click, flash! We get the shot. You could call her my “go-to gal”.

During some of my shots, I have to gather up and organize a lot of people. This especially occurs during the family photos and the bridal party photos. She is there to find family members or to help with great grandma. She corrals the missing wedding party members who might still be at cocktail hour. She gathers them all up so I can continue with my shots. She generally has a list that we will work off. (She keeps track of the list too.) You could call her my ”gatherer”.

Mo somehow manages to give the perception of having more arms and hands than the typical human. She is able to hold more items during the course of a wedding than anyone I know. She holds bouquets (more than one at a time and that could be a lot if the wedding party is large). She holds water bottles. She holds beers. She holds purses, sweaters, coats, hats, and even shoes. She holds dogs. She holds lists, napkins, lipsticks, mints, and jewelry. Keep in mind that she also has my big ole’ camera bag. You could call her my “porter”.

Mo is also the bride’s assistant. If the bride needs anything, Mo will find it for her. If a safety pin is required, Mo will hunt one down. If a note needs to be delivered to the groom, Mo will promptly make that delivery. Mo makes every effort to keep the bride happy and worry-free. You could call her my “lifesaver”.

Those are just a few things that Mo does as my wedding assistant – Mo the Scout, Mo the Equipment Manager, Mo the Go-To-Gal, Mo the Gatherer, Mo the Porter, and Mo the Lifesaver.

But what you can really call Mo is my friend. She makes weddings so enjoyable for me. We share the magic of the wedding day together as we are surrounded by the family and friends of the day who are laughing, dancing, kissing, sharing, smiling, and enjoying. We get sucked into this wonderful wedding bubble. For days after, Mo and I will reminisce. The wedding day lingers with us. Sharing weddings with my friend Mo makes my job of wedding photographer an enjoyable experience. Thank you Mo for all that you do. Your magic is greatly appreciated.

“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh,” he whispered.

“Yes, Piglet?”

“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw, “I just wanted to be sure of you.”


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